$180 / 80-minute session

In the first session, we get acquainted, review practice policies, address any questions you might have, and develop goals for our work together.

$150 / 60-minute session

I meet with my clients on a weekly basis. By making this regular commitment to themselves, my clients are able to take full advantage of the process and actively work towards their goals.

Sessions are held for 60-minutes, rather than the standard 45-minute psychotherapy hour, to allow for deeper exploration. My hope is that this you can use this space to pause, reflect, and reset, without feeling rushed.

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I accept payment by cash and major credit card. Clients have also successfully used HSA cards to cover treatment.

By paying out of pocket, you are afforded greater privacy and control over your time in therapy. Insurance companies require a clinical diagnosis for reimbursement, and many will request additional information about your treatment so that they can determine the number and types of sessions that they will cover. It’s also possible that the information collected by your insurance provider will be incorporated into your medical history and affect your future rates & coverage.

By opting for private pay, you get to decide what you are working on and for how long, and you can explore your experience without attaching a diagnostic label.

If you decide to seek insurance reimbursement, I can provide you with a superbill. I encourage you to determine your out-of-network (OON) coverage before the first session.